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Hilton Head Properties has been providing high yield, secure investments for individuals and companies since 2004 and their principals have a combined four decades of experience.  The company provides investors access to the following types of investments:

Direct ownership in of Single Family rental properties or ownership of 1st Lien mortgages (and we also provide you referrals to management if you need it) [steady income, upside potential, short and long term properties– your call]

  • Direct ownership of single family property with for income with a property manager operating for you can provide typically between 12% to 25% annual income with a probable capital gain in the future when sold. [the property management companies typically charge 5% to 9% of rental income received for management and collections, usually sending you a check once or twice a month for income earned]
  • Direct Ownership of a 1st Lien Trust Deed, providing typically about a 15% annual return with both interest and principal being paid to you monthly and no property management required. We can even provide you contact with the Mortgage Management company we use to manage our mortgages, which charge a small fee to handle it all for you and just deposit the income into your bank account or send you a check each month.[steady income - without any hassles, medium to long term, most notes are 10 to 20 year terms]

Hilton Head Properties will occasionally do ‘offerings’ on large projects, where the offering is registered with the local Securities Board and is only available to “Accredited Investors”.  If you are believe you are an accredited investor and want know about current offerings or would like to know about future offerings, please provide your information here.




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