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Associate Program

Sterling Partners is a fast growing, fully integrated Real Estate training, acquisition and liquidation Company, focused on affordable housing. The Company was assisted by Hilton Head Properties in getting started in forming the Associate Program to assist motivated individuals with training, research, development, renovation, property management, finance, sales and mortgage management. 

While Hilton Head Properties assisted in setting up Sterling, Hilton Head has no ownership nor direct control of Sterling. And the Associates own their own companies and operate autonomous of Sterling and Hilton Head - except for Sterling loaning funds and assisting with sales, documents, etc. of which the Associate Companies owe Sterling for.

The company has current expansion plans to grow into numerous new cities this year, and are looking for highly motivated, personable and trainable individuals to join the Associate's Program. 

Associates are be trained in basic methods of Real Estate acquisition and documentation and assist with obtaining capital and resources. 

Please check out the cities that the company is expanding into in the near future, and if you think you have the drive and determination to become a successful Real Estate Investor, using our training processes and capital contacts, then fill out an application on this site, or fax your resume to Dir. of Associate Program at Sterling Partners, 214-515-9685 or by email to AssoPrgm@sterlingworldpartners.com

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