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Company overview
Hilton Head Properties, Inc. (“HHP”), founded in 1993 and formally incorporated in 2003, is a Dallas, Tx based Real Estate Investment Company with offices and/or operations in Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio, New Orleans and Detroit.  The company is privately held, not yet publicly traded on any exchange. The Company owns in whole or in part numerous subsidiaries, affiliates and partnership related to the real estate industry in the areas of: direct investment and acquisition of multi-family, single family and commercial real estate, research, sales, online real estate auctions, partnership formation, web applications, mortgage management, marketing, management, finance, training and title clean-up.  HHP has become the nation’s premier ‘seriously’ distressed real estate professional. 

In addition to HHP’s internal real estate research, acquisition, management and liquidation – we also provide these services for others:

  1. Multi-family Property Management
  2. Re-Development Oversight and Advise
  3. Renovation / Rehab (Multi-Family/Single Family/Commercial)
  4. Consulting / Training / Seminars
  5. Project Review and Evaluation
  6. Legal Assistance
  7. Luxury Home (For Sale) Management

The company predominately invest in large cities, currently focusing on 17 cities it wishes to expand to, but always ready to expand in to new areas where opportunities exist within a criteria range.  The company was originally formed to specialize in acquiring distressed single family property at ‘deep’ discounts through a unique Associate Program – thus capturing substantial equity.  And selling such property on owner-financed notes – providing expanding income – with significant protections due to little investment cost in the property.  Or by liquidating such property to renovators and rehabbers directly or by online auction.   

HHP – as it constantly refines, defines and builds better methods – as a leader in this industry – to locate, liquidate and generate income on Americas aging, forgotten and distressed properties – has created and partnered with various wholly and partly owned subsidiaries, partners and unrelated associated companies to assist with locating properties to help individuals acquire on owner fianced notes and therein HHP's mortgage subsiary acquire such mortgages, in additon to the Sale and Management of Real Estate Investments and Management of Mortgages. 

Locating Projects:
Sterling Partners – An outside company, not owned by Hilton Head is one of the preferred sources to locate property investments. Sterling Partners trains, finances and partners with quality individuals, mentoring them how to become a Real Estate Investor – at no charge.  Locating seriously distressed properties nationwide, negotiating the acquisition and closing the purchase. The company participates in profits with the individuals.  HHP advised and consulted with this company’s initial development, but has no ownership or management interest in Sterling. 

Liquidating Projects:
The company both: Sells its multi-family investments as well as hold for long term income.  As to its single family investments, it: Sells to renovators / rehabbers for cash, sells on online auctions and on owner financed notes – with little down and low monthly payments.  The company – in its numerous methods of managing its investments also owns the following entities for liquidating investments for itself as well as others:
HiltonHeadPathways.com – A source for Investors to safely invest in Real Estate, Real Estate Mortgages & Leasehold Properties for a very steady income.

Managing Multi-family Properties:
Hilton Head Property Management – Managing multi-family properties nationwide.  The company’s executives have a combined 40 years experience in multi-family management.   (hiltonheadpropertymanagement.com currently under beta testing)

All references herein to HHP or Hilton Head Properties as it relates to an action, asset, property ownership, etc – may refer actually to a subsidiary of HHP, as HHP does not actually own any real estate or mortgage directly and specifically HHP is primarily a holding/operating company which invest in other companies it wholly or partly owns that actually do all things stated on this page.  HHP is not directly related in any ownership or control of Sterling Partners.

If you seek information on the services Hilton Head Provides, contact Robert Banks at 469-994-7797, or RBanks@HiltonHeadProperties.net.


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