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Hilton Head Properties is a fast growing real estate investment and mortgage management company. Due to our current expansion plans, we are looking for intelligent and highly motivated individuals to come grow with us. Please check out the current positions available and FAX your resume to 214-712-9801, or email to Human Resources    


Hilton Head Properties is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  References are required for all positions, and all prospective employees must agree to a criminal search and background check.  

Currently there are no medical benefits or retirement plan - however both are expected to be in place by the end of Dec, 2009. 
RECEPTIONIST - Dallas Operations Office - Motivated, self-starter who lives to multi-task, professional appearance, proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) and be Bi-lingual.  

SALES MANAGER - Dallas - Seeking highly Motivated Salesman with minimum 5 years of Real Estate Sales Experience.  Must have Real Estate Brokers license and quality references.  Salary and Bonuses with benefits for the most qualified candidate.  
REGIONAL ACQUISITION DIRECTOR - Ft Worth - Seeking highly Motivated Sales Manager / Anthony Robbins  type, to oversee a group of young, eager individuals in Ft Worth who are acquiring single-family and multi-family properties for investment.  We will train.  Minimum 2 years of Sales Management Experience. Must have quality references.  Salary and Bonuses with benefits, stock and options  for the most qualified candidate.  
RESEARCH ASSISTANT - Dallas and Houston - Full time research assistant.  Internet Research experience required.  Must be 'proficient' with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) and be Bi-lingual  
ACCOUNTANT - Dallas - CPA / accountant to handle accounting and books for internal partnerships.  
ASSOCIATE TRAINEE/APPRENTICE - Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Detroit, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Miami, Tulsa, Oklahoma City - Highly Motivated and Intelligent Individuals to be trained to become Real Estate Investors at the company's expense (no cost to Associate), with the company assisting with obtaining funds for acquisition and providing office space and other services. 

The company will provide assistance with title and ownership research, sales, accounting, property management, mortgage management, collections, and legal. The Company purchase's a majority of the mortgages created by the Associate.  For more information, go to the company's ASSOCIATE'S PROGRAM page.  
INTERNSHIP, SUMMER 2009 - Dallas and Houston - Several  positions are available in the areas of Accounting, Project Finance, Mergers/Acquisitions, Legal, Securities, Research, Title, Property Management, Mortgage Management, Collections, Sales and Project Management.   This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the real estate and mortgage business. 
MERGERS / ACQUISITION MANAGER - Houston - Minimum 3 years experience in M & A activity.  Must be familiar with all aspects of reporting and documentation of activity, as well as excellent research and negotiation skills.


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