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President / CEO / Founder – ‘Chase’ D. Fonteno

Involved in the Real Estate investment arena for over 20 years, has owned and managed over 3,000 single family and multi-family properties in Houston, Dallas and Ft Worth. Mr. Fonteno attended the University of Houston and San Jacinto College with majors in Mechanical Engineering and Business Finance.

Mr. Fonteno founded Hilton Head Properties, Inc., in December 1999, but did begin growing company until December 2003. He currently sits as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and holds over 80% of the company's stock.

President of The Phoenix Foundation, a charitable foundation established to provide housing assistance, computers and cell phones to women & children escaping abusive home lives, so they can have a new start.

Mr. Fonteno also sits as the Chairman of the Hilton Head Charitable Land Trust, formed for the purpose of acquiring land in the US, to maintain permanently in its natural environment to never be developed.


Chief Finance Officer–



Executive Vice President–


N. Alex Bickley

Corporate Counsel – Emeritus

Alex Bickley passed away and this position is currently being UPDATED

Alex was a brilliant, caring and considerate gentleman that was loved by

all and will be greatly missed.

More On N. Alex Bickley at:

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