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Associate Program

Associate Progam Requirements

Sterling's Associate Program is designed for success driven people, to create a win win situation for all parties involved.
To become an affiliated with the Associate Program you must be:

1. Self-Motivated / Self-Starter.

2. Be Trainable (if you think you know it all - please do not apply).

3. Internet Literate (be very familiar with doing searches on the internet).

4. Be at least familiar with using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel).

5. Be a people person - comfortable negotiating with people you do not know.

6. Upbeat, positive and pro-active. Negative people, or naysayers - find another career.

7. Have RELIABLE transportation.

8. Have a source of income, or evening job to sustain your bills for a minimum of 90 days, this is not a job, it is a program
to build wealth and income - that takes at least a little time.

9. You will need to authorize a background and criminal check on you.

10. You will need to sign a training agreement.

11. No funds are typically required of the Associate for anything. 

If you think you qualify, fill out Sterling Associate Trainee/Apprentice application. CLICK HERE


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